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He himself came up with the shelling - I gave up these things a long time ago, I would just kill you. But why would he kill? Now I'll finish my smoke and say goodbye to you. Don't move away from the wall, I don't fall for it

I pressed myself against the wall again. During our conversation, I thought to get him in one jump and try to knock him down, and then we would be on an equal footing. But it didn't. I'll have to work on the language.

- Yevgeny Borisovich, but Babai is not aware of these affairs of yours with the casino and you do not give the required 80 percent to the common fund, right? In addition, you climbed into the territory of the Cart, that is, you provoked a conflict. How do I know, maybe even now Babai and Telega are discussing all these matters, and here you are scaring me with reprisals, like a girl.


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