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Budhishali FutureSecure Workshops

What are Budhishali FutureSecure Workshops?

Budhishali FutureSecure Workshops serve as a platform for students and their parents to gain awareness about various career options, career planning,  goal setting and action planning, leadership, team-work and communication skill sets development and career exploration. These sessions are either conducted in group as well as individual setting.

Why is Special Career Guidance and Skill-sets Development required?

Today, there are innumerable career opportunities that you can pursue after your 12th and graduation and the planning needs to start, while you are in the High School. On one side, you have the conventional careers like engineering, medicine, chartered accountancy, banking, law, psychology, designing and teaching; and on the other side you have new unconventional or offbeat careers like forensic accounting, mechatronics, chocolatier, environmentalist, social entrepreneurship, disk jockeying , sommelier and many more.

Budhishali Career Guidance assists in this career awareness process by providing professional career counseling wherein you get in-depth knowledge and insight into all the careers. These sessions help you start with your career exploration and career development journey. 


We conduct regular career guidance and counseling seminars in schools, colleges and institutes for students and their parents. The purpose of the career guidance workshops are to impart knowledge about details of various career options that you can pursue.


Before selecting a career, you need to have answers to these career queries:

What is the career about?

What will be my day-to-day job role?

Do I have it in me, to get into this career?

What do I need to study and which courses should I select?

Are there any entrance exams, for taking the course?

Will I get a good salary package after my course?

Where can I look for jobs after my studies?

Does this career have good scope in future?

You should definitely question yourself and find answers to the above questions before making a career choice. 

And how do you find answers to these questions? You can do so by attending a

Budhishali Career Guidance Seminar that cover all the important career topics such as:

Career Planning  –  What?  Why?  Who?  When?  How?

Importance of Career Planning

Career Options – Traditional versus Offbeat

Career Options after 12th in Science

Career Options after 12th in Commerce

Career Options after 12th in Arts / Humanities

Other Interdisciplinary Career Options after 12th

New Career Trends

Offbeat Career Options

Important Entrance Exams

After Career Guidance, how do you select the right career?

Once you know details of what each career entails, you need to nail down on the career that suits you. This can be achieved by undergoing detailed analysis with a Psychometric and Aptitude Assessment Testing process, wherein we evaluate your abilities, differential aptitude, interests, personality traits, motivation, emotional intelligence and then help you select the right career path based on the results of the psychometric assessment.

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